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For those of you who are new friends, I love stockings.  I am a ‘small gift’ person by nature- even my Christmas list is filled with all sorts of little things instead of one ‘big’ present (as a totally random aside, my husband is at the other end of this spectrum, which makes us quite the pair as we buy gifts for each other…).  And stockings are one big package of small gifts.  That delights me.  Also, I sort of feel like stockings are a pretty sure bet in the world of present giving.  I can always think of little things that people will love but not buy for themselves, making these gems perfect candidates for the ol’ stocking.
And, though this is probably obvious, I would choose handmade stockings over storebought stockings every time.
It’s ironic, then, that it’s taken me so darn long to make stockings for my family.  Last year I mentioned that my lack of action mostly had to do with fear of commitment- I would see these gorgeous stockings and think to myself, “but what if I made them and then didn’t like them in 10 years?”  Once I got over that idea, and decided to just make stockings that I love right now with materials that I love right now, this little stocking-making task became much easier.

Anyhow, I feel like that’s a lot of build up for pretty ordinary stockings.  But they’re done!  And I couldn’t be more thrilled! 

What about y’all?  Did you make your stockings?  Do you have certain things that you give/receive in your stocking every year?  Do you have an inordinately fond affection for stockings like me?

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  1. Hey Kirst! Love the stockings! I have always loved buying stocking stuffers. I lean toward the practical. When the kids were small, I always put in fun themed bandaids. There is always a toothbrush and toothpaste – even now. I pick up things all year long and when they are full, they have to lay on the floor near their Santa gifts because they are too heavy to hang. I'm positive the weight comes from all the candy and chocolate!! Your kind of stocking stuffer I'd say!
    Love you, Merry Christmas

  2. Your stockings are so precious!! Very Anthropologie-ish! LOVE THEM!

    We (Brian and I) don't have stockings of our own at our house yet. Brian's family also stuffs theirs with 'practical' stuff, though… fingernail clippers, duct tape, lotion, chapstick, batteries, etc. The more random, the better!

    Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  3. ooh, part of the reason I LOVE stockings so much are the chance to give practical gifts… I love that part!
    and the randomness is the beauty of it, right?

  4. Oh how I love stockings, yours are sooo adorable! Very personalized. I too, like giving lots of small gifts instead of big ones. I made mine this year and am really happy with them. I even did a post on my blog with all the old stockings I've made. Yay stockings!

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