a fun (and simple!) valentines tradition… and a tutorial!

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Y’all already are well aware of my affection for stockings and small gifts.  With this in mind, I’ve tried to build in as many opportunities for bundles of little gifts into the life of our family as possible.  Easter baskets are a good (and already established) example.

For Valentines Day, our family’s twist on this theme is “lovey bundles.”  We each have a felt, heart covered, ribbon adorned, pink/red/white drawstring bag.  Leading up to Valentines Day, we fill each other’s bags with little treats and presents.  Then on Valentines Day, we get to open a bundle of small gifts.

This tradition has been fantastic on many levels.  One, it reduces the stress or pressure to find a big, thoughtful, romantic gift for Valentines Day.  My husband’s lovey bundle is usually filled with a valentine, Reese’s, frosted animal crackers, Sunchips and a random assortment of 5 dollar gift cards for fast food runs (essentially, treats that he wouldn’t buy for himself, but that he really loves).  I usually get a few food related items in my bundle as well (mmmm… Turtles), a magazine or book, a craft tool or $5 gift card to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and a collection of cosmetic-y items (my favorite mint lipgloss, brown sugar & fig lotion, some sort of body scrub, etc.).

Another advantage to this grand tradition is that you can start picking up items a couple weeks before February 14th, cutting off the need for a rushed, last minute shopping trip. 

I also love that we can adapt this tradition to fit different stages of the life of our family.  You can make them when you’re a family of two and then expand the tradition as you have kids.  I love thinking about a time in the future when we have elementary school aged kids that can put little notes and treats in each other’s bags, too!  What a great way to celebrate the members of your family.

Perhaps the best parts of this tradition, though, are that it is as simple as can be and that the materials for each bag cost less than $2.00!

To make lovey bundles for your family, you’ll need:
-5 pieces of those pre-cut felt (or wool felt) rectangles
-decorations (fabric scraps, ribbon, silk flowers, buttons, etc.)
-a yard of ribbon for the drawstring
-a sewing machine (possibly optional… though, I haven’t tried it without a sewing machine myself)
-a hot glue gun

1. Cut one of your felt rectangles into a square.

2. With your square piece in the middle, sew a felt rectangle on each edge of the square.  Make sure you make the seams all on one side of the square (this seam-y side will become the inside of your bag, so you won’t see them).  You’ll end up with a red cross looking shape. ***Ok, here’s the sewing machine optional part.  I think you could possibly attach all of the seams with a hot glue gun.  Like I said, I haven’t tried this myself, so if you do, let me know.  Also, if you don’t want to try the sewing option, from now on, just sub out “hot glue” for “sew,” ok?

3. Still on the ‘inside out’ side of the felt (the side with all the seams), start sewing the rectangle edges together.  You’re going for an eventual box-like shape if that helps you see which sides to sew together.

I realize these are finished products- just wanted to show you the different decorations I did for the different bundles

4. Once all four sides are sewn together (and you have the box shape I mentioned earlier), turn your bundle right side in.  This is where the fun begins!  Decorate each bundle so that they tailored to each member of your family. Leave an inch or two around the top (this will hold your drawstring later).

5. Make slits around the perimeter of the top of your ‘bag.’  Thread a ribbon through these slits, tie the ribbon in a bow (which cinches the bag closed) and your drawstring bundle is done!

6. Hang and fill with treats!  Wait in great anticipation of Valentines Day when you all get to open your lovey bundles!

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  1. This is so cute! I think it would be really fun to use when bringing Valentine goodies from from school. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  2. I made these babies last night!!! So much fun and quick too! I made some with my sewing machine and made some with my hot glue gun. Both ways turned out good! I think that it might have been a little bit quicker with the hot glue gun, but then again, my sewing machine is my Grandmothers- so it is extremely temperamental(and OLD!)!!! Thanks again for such a darling idea!!

  3. These are so cute and look nice and easy to put together! What a fun family tradition! I put a link on my blog!

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