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A list for today:

1- The I Heart New Year’s Challenge is finishing up this weekend (I’ll draw a winner Sunday, so if you did any of the 7 days with us, be sure to comment)!  Hopefully your craft room is ready for your new projects and you’re filed and deep cleaned and motivated with all sorts of goals for 2010.  Still on my list: more strategizing, a few more deep cleaning projects, and hopefully a trip back to Make Something, Anything!  How’s your list coming?

2- I hinted at this awhile back- our kojo cards have new labels, courtesy of my Christmas-present-monogramming-sewing-machine.  I was sending out some orders today and remembered to take some pics of the new ribbon labels to show y’all before my trip to the post office.

3- Valentines are now available in the etsy shop!  We have a few more to add, still, but most of them are already on there.  I love Valentine’s Day- have I told y’all that?  I love built-in chances to let people know that they’re important to me and Valentine’s Day gives me a chance to do that.

4- Random, but too fun not to share… I saw these fabulous looking homemade fruit roll ups at green kitchen stories and thought I’d pass the link on to y’all.  Burke LOVES fruit roll ups, but the store bought ones are expensive and not very good for you.  This solves both of those problems in one little how-to… check it out!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. The ribbon is awesome. monogramming ribbon is one of my favorite things to do. My sister and I both have an embroidery machine and we found the most important thing is to find the right stabilizer for the project/fabric type. It's a lot of trial and error.

  2. I love the labels, they're so simple and perfect.

    I finished the challenge and even made another Make Something! Anything! I feel pretty accomplished. LOL make another list so I can get through next week 😉

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