our world this week: looking up

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I participate in several online photography challenges (like this one at digital photography school)… Last week, one of the challenges was to practice shooting from a low angle.  It’s been fun to experiment a little and see how the lower angle effects the look of a picture; everything looks a bit different from below.  I’d encourage y’all to try this one out as well!

ps- That’s Kirstin and Adam’s new garage… well, one of the steps along the way, at least!  I’m sure she’ll share pics of the finished product…

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  1. I love the idea of participating in photography challenges! Can you let us know what other challenges you participate it 😉

  2. Very cool. It makes the garage look so epic. 🙂

    I love photo challenges too. I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing some other ones you like to enter?

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