kojotutorial: pom pom trimmed curtains

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Another option for adding a custom look to your kids’ rooms (or any room, really!)- pom pom trimmed curtains.

These blackout curtains with fabric panels and pom pom trim are the perfect solution for a toddler whose room requires dark during the afternoon nap (I’ve created a total sleep snob who needs dark and quiet to nap- don’t judge me) and coordinated decor the rest of the day.

Perhaps you need a pair as well? To make these gems, you’ll need:
-a pair of 42″ x 63″ room darkening curtains in a color that matches your room decor (I got mine at Target)
-three coordinating rectangles of fabric that are each at least 43″ wide and about a foot tall
-about 170″ of coordinating pom pom trim

1. Measure the distance between where your curtains fall and the floor. Add a couple of inches and divide by three. This will be the height of each of your fabric panels. Mine were each 6″ tall (and 43″ wide since the curtain is 42″ and each side edge will have to be finished off).

2. Sew your three 6″x43″ fabric rectangles together with pom pom trim in between where the layers meet. Finish off the bottom edge of your panel by serging the raw edge, turning under and sewing under (or, if you don’t have a serger, by double folding, ironing under and sewing). Repeat.

3. Sew one finished panel to the bottom of each darkening curtain. Finish off each side of the panel to match the finished edge of the curtain.

4. Finish off the ensemble with a pom pom sashes (a coordinating tube of fabric and pom pom trim with the ends finished off) if you want.

5. Add this new decor item to your little one’s room and you have a win-win- the sleep snob is pacified and the curtains still coordinate!

ps- This post was first seen at The Country Chic Cottage.

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