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Have y’all seen Ten on Tuesday before (they’re blog lists of ten things each Tuesday, just fyi)? Well, I feel like I am playing catchup around here and thought I’d roll it all into one (very random) list. However, it’s Wednesday. And I don’t have ten things. So here you go- Six on Wednesday.

1. It’s Spring Break! YAY! The two of us are meeting in Ft. Worth (both of our hubbies are from the Colleyville/Grapevine area). In fact, I (Kirstin) am already here. 

I am loving having time with Adam, Burke and Piper Jane, hanging out by the pool, visiting with friends (you Texans are just so nice! I love it) and eating well! Besides the requisite trip to Ikea (already done), do y’all have any suggestions of places we must visit in the DFW area? Fabric stores? Stores with vintage lovelies? Thrift stores? Do share!

2. Speaking of Ikea, I did some serious shopping yesterday. The part of that trip you’ll love best? Some of my shopping was for YOU! Yep, you read that right. We have some seriously fabulous events coming up on the kojo blog and I wanted to gather a couple giveaway prizes for those events from Ikea… so fun!

3. I love Spring. Have I mentioned that? It makes me want to spend all day outside, wear sundresses, and make Piper Jane one of the dahlia headbands in every color.

4. We’ve gone out for ice cream or frozen yogurt for five consecutive days and have no plans on breaking our streak today. Burke is in heaven.

5. The random generator giveaway winners for the DeStash Link Partry were #1 (lil Mop Top), #74 (Ms Not So Perfect) and #83 (Mama Says Sew).

6. I hinted at this in #2, but we really do have some seriously fabulous stuff in the works around here, y’all. Nope, neither of us are pregnant. But you should get excited. I’m not kidding, very excited.

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  1. Well, I'll be! I didn't know you guys were DFWians. That makes reading your blog that much more exciting for me. (I've lived in DFW my entire life minus the 4 years I spent in College Station.) Hope you had a fun at Ikea! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  2. I don't know if it's still around since it's been years since I've been there, but there's a place (maybe in grapevine but I can't remember!) called "Sam Moon" and it is purse and accessory heaven!! And the prices are cheap!!!! Look it up if you get a chance!!

  3. I'll have to find the name of it..but my Aunt goes to this fabric store in the Fort Worth Area that is like four floors of wall to wall fabric!!! Its heaven!

  4. Hey… I love your eyes!
    Random, and slightly stalkerish, but you have such gorgeous eyes! In a dearly non queerly way 🙂

  5. Yeah for a little vacation. I love getaways with my family. I am excited for what you have coming up…..

  6. Welcome! Cabbage Rose in Fort Worth has an excellent assortment of fabrics. As far as thrift stores go Goodwill (Hurst) and Thrift Town (Haltom City) are close to Colleyville. Make sure you eat breakfast at Old West Cafe in Grapevine!

  7. We're finally starting to have some warmer weather around here. I never realize how much I miss spring until it's nearly here again.

  8. Oooo exciting!! I freaking LOVE IKEA ~ wish it wasn't 4 hours away! Hey if you need a contributor or giveaways for your future plans {love the foreshadowing} give me a shout! I'm in!


    p.s your kiddos are too cute!

  9. You should check out the Dallas City Guide on Design Sponge. There's some great suggestions there. There's a bunch of design stores near the American Airlines center with really interesting but expensive stuff(can't remember the name of the street). In Deep Ellum there's a fun vintage/antique mall called Lula B's.

  10. Yes Yes Yes love love love Spring…I polished my toes that Pompeii Purple you introduced us to last year. Sorry I'm in SA area which by the way we don't have many fabric locations to choose from. I've been to Sam Moon and it's cheap but, one place I've wanted to go to east of Dallas is Canton. Can't wait what you have for us!!

  11. I am very excited about whatever it is coming up here. I would be more excited if a trip to tx was in it for me 🙂 Lucky girls!

  12. Yes to City Craft, def the best for fabric!- also next door to it is a stationary place that I can't remember the name of that is beautiful and across the street is a home store called the Market. If you want to eat in that area try Rise and there is yummy frozen yogurt there too! Keep going east on Lovers Lane for tons of cool shops- clothing, home goods, textiles- and another great spot in Dallas is the Bishop Arts District. In south Dallas- all the restaurants are good, all the shops are unique and it's just a really pretty part of the city! Enjoy the great weather!

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