15 things you should know about Jordan

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Since many of you’ve asked for more personal/background type info about us, we thought we’d put together little mini biographies of each other.  That’s one huge benefit of co-authoring a blog- neither of us had to figure out what the heck to write about ourselves.  So, without further adieu,

Fifteen things you should know about Jordan:

She speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic (she lived in Argentina and Mexico to learn Spanish and in the United Arab Emirates to learn Arabic) and has traveled all over the world.  Seriously. All. Over. The. World.

Jordi loves, and I mean LOVES, fall.  She loves turning leaves and warm drinks and wearing sweaters and cozying up under a blanket.

She also loves winter, snow, cloudy days, the whole bit.  Weird.

Jordi graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Spanish (which she’s never used… I mean, unless you consider the usefulness of being fluent in Spanish as using her degree, but I think she’d say she could’ve done that minus the official documentation).  We both thought that going to school for “artsy stuff” (graphic design, photography, etc.) would be silly and not that useful.  We were very, very wrong.

Her “entry point” to the world of crafting was a set of painting lessons she took in 5th grade at a local art studio. In elementary school (maybe junior high?) she also had quite the love affair with fimo clay… 

She used to hate her freckles, but now she’s joined the rest of us (who think they’re stinkin’ adorable) and loves them.

She is a great cook.  She’s one of those people who can improvise with ingredients and make things up as she goes along and the result is tasty goodness.  It’s fabulous.  Also, she doesn’t like to bake.

She LOVES the mountains. One of her favorite places on earth is Buena Vista, Colorado.


Jordi’s (immediate) family is more fun than I can tell you.  Her husband, Drew is one of those guys that everyone considers to be their best friend as soon as they meet him.  And she has two darling daughters.  Keadryn is all spunk and wildness (the loveable kind of wildness) and Sayla is the sweetest one and a half year old you’ll ever meet.  Hanging out with them is a blast.  A hilarious blast.

She’s not the easiest person to wake up for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it takes about five attempts before she’s actually awake.  And secondly, she HATES being woken up, so it’s a little precarious for the waker-upper.  I try to avoid that job.

She got married on the beach.  It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to (besides my own, but that’s for sentimental reasons).


The girl cannot keep track of her keys, her phone, her phone charger and her wallet.  For awhile there she had two phones (and thus two chargers) and we could never get ahold of her.

Jordan loves to fish, but HATES (I can’t emphasize that word enough) bugs.  I think if she had to live in the rainforest, with the excessive entomological goodness, she might die. Or wear a couple of bug nets all the time.

Jord would like to adopt someday.

Her favorite outfit is jeans and a hoodie.

She definitely prefers salty to sweet.  If she knew the world was going to end in 24 hours, she would make and eat a whole package of bacon.  Maybe a couple of packages of bacon.

She is so. darn. cute. pregnant.  Too bad she’s not sure she’ll have any more babies biologically, because people who look this cute pregnant should just keep reproducing.

Jord definitely takes after our dad more than our mom.  I’d say it’s an 80/20 split of “like-dadness,” to “like mom-ness.”

She’s pretty laidback about most things, but has a crazy-perfectionist bent about aesthetics and crafting.  That’s why she takes such great pictures and throws such fantastic parties (all those pictures are of her fall “H” party).

Ok, that was more than 15… Hopefully you have a bigger glimpse of the-Jordan-behind-the-blog after reading those. 🙂

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  1. Oh how I love this post, I read it twice! I love Jordan. I am so glad that I get to be real friends with the-Jordan-behind-the-blog. She is just so sweet. I love hearing little random facts about people, can't wait to learn more about you Kirstin.

  2. How fun thanks for sharing! And I'm shocked that you went to tech… because I did too… and well I'm from lubbock!

  3. I'm still surprised about the whole Lubbock connection since I just happened to stumble upon your blog somehow! Wreck Em Tech Class of '04!

  4. I'm a Red Raider too, and grew up in Lubbock but now live in Colorado (Castle Rock to be exact)! Love finding connections to bloggers I read!

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