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Don’t you love the feeling when you make a great blog discovery? I love Loobylu and her affection for finding ways to capture everyday magic in words and photos. And I LOVE her Hot & Not Wednesdays.

My grand plan to participate in this fabulousness has been just an intention for the last few Wednesdays, but this week it is an actual reality!

HOTSalted Caramel Apples– Well, actually, I think I’d take salted caramel anything at this point. Did you guys try the salted caramel signature hot cocoa at Starbucks last holiday season? We tried to recreate it in apple form this weekend… I should just say, I’m in love.

Jordi’s H Party- Have you seen the pictures? My nieces are possibly the cutest Harry Potter and Hedwig ever to grace the holiday of Halloween.

Purple Shoes- I’ll be honest, I don’t wear much purple. But I’ve decided that these count more as a neutral and have been pairing them with everything in my closet. If you saw me wearing an American Eagle hoodie, jeans and these purple shoes with lime green ruffles this weekend- I’m sorry. They’re just really important to me.
AND I found several more pairs at another Target… so the chances that the etsy shop has your size is good… for now, at least…

November Gift-Making Glory– Who knows why it goes this way every year, but it turns out that November, not December, is my prime holiday gift making month. The beginning of this month always holds all sort of promise for me of the five thousand personal, handmade gifts that I am somehow going to crank out in 30 days. This might be on my “not” list later this month, but for now the pending crafting is super exciting.

No Fall Colors- This crazy (and may I say harsh) fall has delivered a few early snow storms to the greater Denver area. Here’s the thing about that- our leaves all just kind of fell without even turning. Bummer. I love fall colors.
My Stupid Laundry Room- Still not clean. It’s been on my to do list for months. I hate going in there.
It gets dark too dang early- Daylight savings is like a sugar-binge- beneficial for a fleeting moment and then the bearer of a longer lasting yuckiness. I hate (I repeat HATE!) it that it gets dark at 5:00 and that dusk will just keep getting earlier and earlier for the next couple months. Getting an extra hour of rest of Sunday was nice- just not nice enough to make up for the dark.

If you’d like to check out all the hot&not fun, head over to Loobylu. Or better, make your hot&not list and share it with us!

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  1. Why hello & thank-you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment. Those caramel apples look devilishly good, though I'm sure my dentist would disagree. Purple and lime green, always a winning combination in my books 🙂

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