the "H" party

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We had a wonderful Halloween weekend full of parties, festivals, friends and fun! Perhaps the best part of last weekend, though, was the “h” party! We had a great time and had some CREATIVE costumes! Here’s the invite:

We had a ton of “H” food like Hot dogs, Hummus, Haystack cookies, Harvest bread and Hogsmead butterbeer… but I only have pictures of the Hogwarts Potions Lab and the Honeyduke sweet shop:



My favorite, though, was all the amazing costumes:

(from left) Hoopster, Hoax, Horse (his wife was a jockey) Hillbilly, Hen, Hemoglobin

Homemaker, Handyman, Hobbits (won overall best) Homeschoolers* (won funniest)

Hoax (won most creative) Homecoming queen, Havasku Indian, Hicks, Harrison ford

H1N1, Hula girl, Hannah Montana, Habitual bridesmaid, Hagrid, Hot Pocket

another one of the Hicks and Hillbillies.

Not shown: H1N1 vaccine, Hostage, Housewife, Hulk Hogan, Hippie, Hula Hoop girl, Hanyan (a friend), Heather (another friend), Hot dog, Hockey player. Aren’t people so creative? We had so much fun! Oh yeah- and we were:


Hagrid, Harry Potter, Hedwig (Harry’s Owl) and Hermione!

One of the terrific things about having a letter-themed party is that you can have one anytime, using any letter. Our little sister, Kedron, had a “K” themed birthday party a few years ago… This party was so much fun that I think we may be having another letter-themed party in our future… 🙂

Happy letter- themed party planning, friends!

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