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 I’d say that this post is just for fun, just in case Jordi or I ever need maternity clothes in the, you know, far, distant future.  But that simply isn’t the case.  Yep, the conclusion you’re coming to is the right one- I (Kirstin) am going to have another baby!  YAY!

I’ve been dying to tell y’all, but definitely fall into the category of very-nervous-first-trimesterer.  So, sitting at the 14 and a little week mark, I thought I’d finally share the fantastic news.

We are thrilled!  We’re excited for burke to have a little brother or sister (we are some of those annoying folks who wait until the delivery room to find out the gender) and, depending on the moment you ask, we are either very excited or absolutely terrified to become a family of 4.

Last time I was pregnant, I went the borrow-from-friends and buy-things-I-find-on-the-clearance-rack-at-Target route for maternity clothes.  I wasn’t aware at that time, however, of the wide and wonderful world of refashioning clothing.  So this time, I plan to attempt a maternity project or two.  I’m not quite at the place where I need to start refashioning clothes into maternity wear yet, but I figured I’d get a head start on some maternity sewing research and share my results with y’all.

maternity pants refashion by grosgrain (she also made some FABULOUS little maternity dresses for herself… this idea definitely intrigues me!)

maternity pencil skirt by domesticday
refashioning a thriftstore find into an adorable maternity skirt by pink picket fence

 how to make maternity jeans from your regular jeans at instructables sewing a maternity skirt by see mommy sew

wrap skirt by make baby stuff

***all images from sites mentioned

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  1. Congratulations!! I am 17 weeks right now and am TOTALLY looking forward to make some maternity clothes this time around too!!!

  2. Congrats!! I have 2 1/2 weeks to go until baby #3 comes!!! Im so glad to hear that you wait to find out the gender too. It is such an amazing surprise! Wish you would have posted this months ago, oh well. Great idea with the maternity pants. Best wishes and a wonderful pregnancy

  3. Congratulations! I must say my favorite maternity pants I bought were GAP but I bought them off ebay for 7 dollars!

  4. My bf sent me your link. We are about the same time along in our pregnancies-congratulations-and I am looking to refashion some clothing, too. I especially love the idea of making skirts. Will be great in the heat of summer.

  5. Oh my word!! HUGE congratulations!! I'll be watching you closely to see what kind of baby projects you do… I have the fever not the full blown "sickness" 🙂

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  7. Congratulations!! Thanks for the links! I wouldn't cut up any of my fitting clothes to turn them into maternity clothes but the thrift store idea is great!

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