color my summer contest round up

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Thank you to everyone that entered the Color My Summer Contest!

We had a TERRIBLE time picking our Top 10 11 and wanted to share some of the other colorful, summer-y entries that we we received:

Credit from top to bottom and left to right:
Flower Napkin Rings – Andrea from Saved By Grace Designs 
Onesie dresses – Leisel from Brown Paper Packages
Beatles Canvases – Aurora from Aurora’s Creations
Green and Red Skirt – Natacha from Piou Piou
Plushies – Rachel and Ruby
Shelves to Bench – Rachel and Ruby
Red Teepee – Kaylyn
Snap Bracelets – Carrie from Three Pink Ducks
Rainbow Rose – Ramona from The Burkeshires 
Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake – Jenniferfrom Crafty Mamas
Blue Dress and White Knickers – Emily
Monogrammed Beach Towel – Melaniefrom Pickled Blu 
American Slush – Wendy from Ramblings from the Sunshine State
Best Bow Holder – Rach H from Family Every After 
Purse to Camera Bag – Sarah
Vinyl Pool Bag – Jess from If Only They Would Nap  
Summer Activity Tree – Rachel from Cricket and Pomegranate
Orange Juice Lid Necklace – Michele from Michele Made Me
Treasure Map – Erin from Life in the Nut House
Pennant Summer Activity Calendar – Hannah from Bonne Nouvelle 
Pink Summer Dress – Tal from The Crafeteria
Teal Tea Tray – Heather from Dragonfly Designs
Rainbow Disney Countdown – Kaylyn
DIY Pinwheel – Michelle from Falafel and the Bee
Skirt to Sundress – Leisl  from Brown Paper Packages
Framed Fabric Roses – Sara
Yellow Jumper – Liz from Simple Simon & Company
Monogrammed Wreath- Jenilyn from Grits and Giggles 
Mug Mat – Kristin from Skirt as Top

*Blog links were provided if they were included in the entry email. If you don’t see your blog linked here and want it to be, please comment and let us know.

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  1. So much good stuff. Look at all these entries!

    I also, in my haste to enter, forgot to include my blog link for my juice bottle cap necklace: Michele Made Me.

    Thanks so much for the fun contest!

    Michele (Pacey)

  2. Thanks for the feature! There are some great ideas I'll have to try out. I'll get a tutorial up of my summer pennant calendar this week on my blog.

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