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Hello friends! It feels like it’s been forever since we just checked in with y’all about ‘normal life’ and we’ve missed you (sorry if that sounds corny- haha)! While we were series-ing-

Burke turned 3…

…and Keadryn turned 4 (their birthdays are just two days apart). How can that be? Happy (late) birthday, wild ones!

We got to celebrate these birthdays together! So fun! Since Drew was out-of-country (the reason for our get together), and Adam stayed in Denver, the visit was c.h.a.o.s! But two (grownups) on five (kids) is better than one on three. Plus, seeing our kids love each other is one of life’s greatest joys!

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With all of the birthday goodness around here, there have been some seriously fantastic homemade gifts made (and given!) in the last month. We can’t wait to share!

Kead’s birthday was accompanied by an oh-so-fabulous (and hilarious!) Around the World Party. After we sort through the seven hundred pictures, we’ll share that goodness with y’all. The story of the saga that accompanied said-party is pretty darn entertaining as well.

I have been on a Piper-Jane-dress-making spree. I’ve been toying with the idea of continuing this sewing frenzy for the whole year and documenting it blog-style… we’ll see. Whatever happens, I have a whole stack of girly goodness to share with y’all.

Speaking of Piper Jane, she is talking away! She calls Burke Bubba- melts my heart.

Jordi is starting a new weekly feature around here (a revamped version of Our World This Week, actually). More on that to come!

What ‘normal life’ stuff has been going on with you? Do share!

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  1. I loved reading what you have been up to during the fun series. I cannot wait for more details on all the birthday fun…and clothes making. You girls are too much fun. As silly as it sounds we missed you too!

  2. Love it!! Also REALLY LOVED your Color Your Summer series….just beautiful! Thanks for all of your hard work on it 🙂 Piper Jane is growing so fast..what a cutie. I just had a my first baby girl 2 mos ago after having 2 boys (2yo & 4yo) so I'm stoked about getting to sew for her. I would love a dress series or at least a tute for that ruffle dress she is wearing in the pics….adorable!

  3. Can't wait to see the wonderful birthday gifts! Glad you are back from the series as well:) Though… I LOVED the series!

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