cocktails and mocktails III (aka the best party of the year)

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If you’ve been around the kojo blog for awhile, you know that my Very. Favorite. Party. is our annual drink competition- Cocktails and Mocktails (if you’ve just joined us recently, check out the 2009 and 2010 editions of this oh-so-fabulous party).

It really is glorious, y’all. Even though it’s a drink competition, and one that people take very seriously at that, the whole night has this laid-back, summer-y vibe.

Maybe it’s because there are no kiddos to keep tabs on? Or because the company is so fabulous (I am so. darn. thankful. for our amazing friends!)?

Or because there are tables brimming with yummy food and a Rockstar Lineup of drinks to try?

Whatever the case, Cocktails and Mocktails is, hands down, my favorite party of the year (I know, I know, I said it last year too…). Want some more details?

An epic annual battle to crown a Cocktail (and Mocktail) Champion! Contest entrants bring their tastiest, most original libation and show off their presentation skills in pursuit of honor and prizes.


Since the party begins at 7:30 (and the drink tasting usually doesn’t get underway until after 8:00), the decor is all about the lighting. Twinkle lights, candles, tiki torches, lanterns, and cafe lights help light up the night, and the ever-important drink presentations.

Felt “Eat” and “Drink” signs served as decor and setup directions.

Stacked block garlands made pretty backdrops.

Where do I begin? This year’s lineup included:

Cafe Tio Marco, Pink Salty Dog (our entry), Pappy’s Peach Cobbler, Sangria Slush, Italian Sunshine (the winner!), 20,000 Leagues Under the Influence, Raspberry Incisor Riser (my fav), Banana’s Foster Punch, Summertime Sangria, Irish Coffee, and Cool as a Cucumber Limeade. And, as always, the drink presentations were legit. My goodness, we have creative friends.


Each person votes for their favorite and a runner up in three categories- Best Taste, Most Original and Best Presentation. The taste category is worth double the points of the other categories. Oh, and if you bring a mocktail, an extra 25% is added to your score (to encourage people to bring the hard stuff and the not-as-hard stuff- haha!).


This deserves it’s own post. And actually my husband, Donut Connoisseur that he is, should get most of the credit.

Let’s just say that we did not have a single donut left over.









Though, we did have a small amount of the Grapefruit Rosemary Glaze left, which I might just eat with a spoon. I’m in love. Recipes and details to come.

Do any of you do this (throw the same party year after year)? Tell us all about it!
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  1. what a great idea!! next year invite me 🙂 and i did see that font make an appearance. i loved the 2000 leagues under the influence…good one 🙂 you do have creative friends!

  2. Oh my gosh this looks like so much fun!!!! 🙂 Maybe I should start a party like this myself!

  3. wow! this is incredible and i think it might be a must do party for next summer…errrrr, maybe i can even squeeze it in this summer! i love the idea and the decor and the yummy drinks, seriously it is awesome!

    i am in a supper club with three other couples, working on a post now for our summer meeting (we met last night, but meet once a season, each couple gets a season, get it?!) Lots of details on my blog about it (like i said, summer post will be up soon) but it is so fun and i try foods i never usually try and now love because of it!

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