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So far the worst.worst.WORST part of moving has been all the goodbyes.

This week was mine and kirst’s last week together for a long while and it was very hard. We have the they have always been supportive of us following our dreams and making the most of life (aka- our big move), but no one can pretend that living on different continents is going to be easy.

We are so thankful for family that will visit us, planes to bring us home, and of course- skype.  

These kids sure will miss each other too. On this trip, Keadryn has taken to calling Burke her “cousin-buddy.” It brings both of our hearts such joy to see our kids enjoy each others company and we hope that the bond that they have already formed won’t be broken by distance. (Again- a shout out to skype!)  Already looking forward to the next time we see them. 

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  1. Distance between sisters is tough. My sister and I have lived on opposite coasts for about 5 years now. She is pregnant with my first nephew right now, and my heart aches knowing how much I am missing out on. Frequent phone calls (and Skype) make all of the difference! Good luck and safe travels!

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