pour le bebe: a french cafe themed baby shower


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Hey kojo friends- Jordan here! I’ve missed being around here lately (other than my weekly hyatti installments, of course). Turns out that the whole ‘moving-across-the-ocean-with-three-kids’ thing has been a little more intense than I’d anticipated. We are finally catching our breath a little, settling in, adjusting to the cultural differences (some aspects are easier adjustments than others). I even helped put together a baby shower last week- a sure sign that we’re getting back to ‘normal life.’

I can’t tell you how much I have missed throwing parties! In six months of living out of a suitcase, one of the hardest things for me was not being available to play hostess. So, when my dear friend, Brittany, mentioned that she was going to throw a shower for a friend  I jumped at the chance to help!


The mama-to-be studied french and loves all things Paris, so we decided on “parisan cafe” as our theme.


I’ve only been to Paris once, so most of this is based that, but simple and romantic are two words I would use to describe most little Parisian cafes. We arranged chairs in small groupings, each with a tea light and used vases of flowers to give it a cafe feel.  Other than that we used simple coordinated signs to tie everything together. And, of course, the food was the main focal point.

The piece de resistance (yes, I think I’m clever) was the “bebe” sign floating whimsically in the archway. I made it my wrapping cardboard letters in yarn. It was the perfect extra touch to give the shower the romantic fell we were going for. The tutorial for the floating yarn sign is here.

My favorite decor detail? The use of French in the signage (just enough to get the point across, without it being to confusing for non-french speakers). I also used the same scalloped edge as was on the invitation.

Isn’t the best part of any shower the food? The french make it pretty easy to use a couple of simple ingredients to make something fabulous. Again, simple is perfect in this setting and the food was pretty effortless.

The hit of the shower was, for sure, the croissants with nutella. So simple, so french and so.very.delicious.

We gave small bags of madeleine cookies as our favors.  It was the prefect simple ending to a perfectly simple shower.

So great to be back with one of my favorite party-throwing partners, and thankful to be making new friends!

Au revoir and bon jour! 🙂

ps- Hopefully I’ll be back around these parts more often in the coming weeks and months! Since there is nothing resembling a craft store within a fly-able distance, every creative endeavor is an adventure. I’m toying with the idea of starting a series called “Life Without Hobby Lobby.” Stay tuned for details!

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  1. SO cute!!! I’m throwing a mini-shower for 4 friends who are all having babies in the next couple months (2 are having boys and 2 are having girls) and I wanted to make some yarn letters as part of the decor. Any tips? Also, what font did you use? It’s adorable!!!

        1. Hey Michelle- she made all of them! Sometimes she puts the printables in our etsy shop (like she did with the pop shower). Do you want me to find out if she’ll make these printables available in the shop as well?

          1. Thank you for being willing to do that. The shower invitations are going out today so I will probably have to go ahead and send. I can’t find the font you said you used “Discuplini Brittanica”. Do you happen to know where that was found?
            Thanks again.

  2. Hi! I am interested in getting the floating sign already done…is that possible?
    I need it for a shower on July 6th.

    thanks veronica

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