DIY doily pinwheels


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As I mentioned before, we are seriously lacking in craft supplies in my town. It can be frustrating, but one positive is that it forces me to get creative with my party decor and projects. Thankfully, I am finding that you truly can make something fantastic with a few basic supplies.

Restaurants here use doilies as placemats, so luckily they are easy to find and cheap!

I got the plate-sized doilies for this project.

Step One:

Accordion fold your doily.

I made the folds about 1 inch thick.

Step Two:

Fold the doily in half.

It should look like a little heart. Aww, cute.

Step Three:
Repeat Step 1 and 2 until you have 3 folded doilies.

Step Four:

Using a glue gun, glue the straight edges together. Be careful to try not to let the glue seep through the holes and burn you. Actually, you could probably use a glue stick and avoid burning hot glue all together since doilies are so thin. I didn’t think of doing that until just now. Moving on.

Step Five:
Once all the edges are glued together, fan out the doilies and connect the two outer edges with glue.

That’s it! Hang them in a window and let the light shine through

Or incorporate them into a mural of pinwheels to add a touch daintiness.

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