hyatti: granny time!

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We are in granny heaven over here! Drew’s mama hopped on an airplane and flew across the ocean to see our little family. There is nothing like grandma love, y’all. LOVE the time we get to spend with her and we are soaking up every minute!

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  1. I just wanted to say “thank you” for sharing your “Hyatti” post every weekend. I always look forward to it. My husband and I are seriously considering moving our little family to Dubai and it is nice to see little snippets of someone’s daily life there. It seems that you and your family have been enjoying the new life that the move has brought you and it is nice to see. Until next weekend!

    1. Gina, I’m forwarding this on to Jord. They end up in Dubai fairly often (especially with all of their guests!). I’m sure if you have any questions, she’d love to chat with you about your potential move. What does your husband do/why would you be moving???? How exciting!

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