a vintage, girly chair redo for piper jane

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I am a great waiter. Not like, serving-food-at-a-restaurant-waiter, like delayed-gratification-waiter. I’d rather hold out for something that I really love than get something that I sort of like. Along those lines, I’m still waiting to find a few ‘just right’ components of Piper Jane’s nursery- the most important being a lovely, girly, glam chair.

As a placeholder until we found The One, we moved a living room chair into the nursery.

With the brown place-holder-chair in place, I began my vintage-girly-chair search in earnest. And actually, I didn’t find anything for the longest time. But then, about a month ago, the heavens opened to make a halo of glory (ok, actually, a Halo of Potential) around this green, velvet, makeover-ready chair at my favorite thrift store, Mile High Thrift.

And after the redo? Vintage-y, girly, linen-y and perfect for the Smoochie’s room!
vintage chair redo
I added aqua linen on the front…
…geometric, Joel Dewberry, wallpaper-y goodness on the back…
…white paint…
…and covered button tufting.
A couple of mod throw pillows finish the look (the ‘huggie’ pillow is a Land of Nod knock off and I’ve been wanting to make the “B” monogram pillow for months).

The Little Miss Priss is more than thrilled with her new chair- and I am loving having a spot to snuggle and read together. So lovely!

*EDITED TO ADD* Thanks for all of the emails and comments requesting a chair reupholstery how-to. I am not an expert by any means, but the tutorial is HERE.

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    1. thanks andrea! you could totally take it on- it’s not low maintenance, but totally worth it. 🙂
      send pictures of yours over when you finish it- we’d love to see them. 🙂

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