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I hinted that we have more big things coming down the pipe… and it’s true! Remember when we participated in Season 5 of So You Think You’re Crafty? Well, it’s back. And with a twist- the entire cast is made up of former SYTYC contestants (hence the “All Stars”). Exciting stuff!


And the theme for Week 1 is Organization! Want to see my project?

Y’all know that I love any chance to organize. But can I tell you something? Ever since I had kids, my purse has been a MESS. My theory is that I have exponentially more stuff to cart around (changes of clothes, diapers/wipes/etc., toys, bribes, drinks, and snacks, lots and lots of snacks). Now granted, the lovely Bag of Many Pockets has given me hope of coming days full of better organization.

However, to secure my future as an Organized Purse Girl, I made purse organizers! One for Burke’s stuff, one for Piper Jane’s stuff, and one for snacks and drinks.

They’re pretty to look at, fully lined, and with a bonus pocket on the back. Even better, the snack bag is lined with laminated fabric for easy clean up and has elastic side tabs to keep drinks upright.

Their best feature, though, is their pass-ability.As in, “We’re leaving Burke and Piper Jane at babysitting swap- let me pass off one bag for Burke and one bag for Piper Jane.” Makes life so easy. And organized.

Yep, you guessed it, I love them (look at them up there, all nestled in their Everything Bag spots!).

2012, watch out- Organized Purse Girl is ready to take you on.

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  1. I LOOOOVVVEEE that you put elastic tabs to keep drinks upright– I cannot express the number of times I have to dry out my purse. Frustrating! LOVE your stuff, as usual, so now I’ll go vote for ya!

  2. oh where were you, when I had 2 in diapers and a preschool! my “diaper” bag was always chaotic, so could have used this idea then…however, as a newly grad nurse…this is an awesome idea for my work/sitter/workout bag!!!!

    1. Hahaha! I blame my purse messes on the littles, but, you’re right- these would be helpful in every stage of life. 🙂 The tutorial should be up tomorrow or Thursday!

  3. Ah, a girl after my own heart! I have (quite literally, and often) been made fun of for my love of storage containers & bags. Every single time I visit my sister in Chicago, I make her go to The Container Store. It’s my happy place!

  4. Kirstin, I need the pattern for your purse organizers!!
    Where can I find it? These are so colorful and practical, I love them!

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