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  1. I love how all the teachers in my kids lifes are not only teaching them english and math but also teaching them to be a good person. They have all impacted my children in a positive way and I am truly thankful to them.

  2. My son’s fourth grade teacher is the exact same 4th grade teacher that both me and my older sister had, and she still seems so excited about her job every time I see her.

  3. I love how my granddaughter’s teacher has inspired her to love math (something I never loved).

  4. My daughter’s third grade teacher is always enthusiastic and says great things about her work. i love her positive attitude.

  5. My granddaughter loves her teacher so much that she has been talking about how much she will miss her this summer.

  6. Ms. F is an amazing teacher, she finds ways to apply what they are learning to real life situations and that extra effort she makes, makes all the difference.

  7. I love that my daughter’s teacher encourages her creativity and allows her to express herself freely through her artwork

  8. My kids are older, but I still love their teachers! I love that they encourage them to dream and reach for the stars, while learning the skills they will need to take them there!

  9. Wow, such a great giveaway! This would be perfect for my daughter’s teacher, who always goes above and beyond for every one of her students. This would be amazing for her!

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