image 3D reel giveaway

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What better way to kick off the weekend than a Image 3D Reel giveaway?

I am a sucker for gifts that incorporate photos into them (pictures make everything more personal, I think) and this 3D Reel is no exception. Seriously, how fun is this? And wouldn’t it make a great, personalized present (sort of like a cooler version of a photo album)?

Some of our favorite pics from our graduation trip are loaded up on our 3D reel- my kids love it. Who I am I kidding- I love it too. I can’t seem to walk past it without picking it up and clicking through the pics.

You can find more information on the Image 3D site and their facebook page. Also, check them out on twitter, YouTube and pinterest (the wedding invite reels kill me- so cool).

And today, Image 3D is giving away a custom reel to one of you! Just leave a comment (and your email) to enter this giveaway!

Giveaway closes Monday, October 1st, at midnight.

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  1. OH wow… the Viewmaster was my all time favorite toy as a child! This would be so incredible… what a way to pay tribute to a childhood favorite as well as make new memories!

  2. This is so awesome!! I’ve seen this before somewhere on blogland and forgot about it. What an amazing idea. And I’m with you, no way I’d be able to walk beside it and not pick it up, too fun.

  3. this is soo cool!!! that would be an Awesome long distance grandparent gift!! heck, it would be a great anybody gift.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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