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While I finish up a few projects, some photo-shooting, and some picture editing (an adorable birthday party, Halloween costumes, and even a couple cute fall-ish clothes tutorials are all on the docket), I thought I’d share a few things I am LO-OVING lately,

After admiring Kelly Moore’s photo-totes from afar for the last couple years, I finally took the plunge and got one (more accurately, Adam got me one for our anniversary. Good man.). Turns out that Jord ordered herself the same bag, in a different color, a couple weeks ago, and picked it up when she was home.

We both love these bags. They are big (for a purse) but not huge (if you’re used to a larger bag, it functions great as an everyday bag), full of pockets and compartments, and padded for the safety of all of your photo gear (Jord has way more gear than me, but I still love having a purse I can throw my camera in!). The back pocket even has all of these handy card pockets in case you don’t want to carry a wallet.

And, just because I hate the idea of you going through life without me sharing this info with you, want to see a few recently discovered game-changers lurking in my purse pockets?

First, the Garnier anti-puff eye roller. I love this thing. It used to reside solely in my fridge, but I got another one for my purse (that’s how much I love it). If you have shadow-y, under-the-eye poofs, you’ll love this thing too.

Next, my latest makeup crush- DiorShow mascara. Found via InStyle magazine’s ‘best of 2012’ (or something similar), I was so excited to find an unused Sephora gift card in my wallet so I could try this stuff out for myself. And I’m hooked. It’s not cheap, but makes me look wide awake when I’m not- totally worth the extra $10.

And my favorite item of all- the my House Color Palette Ring. Yep, this little ring contains the color palettes for all of the rooms in the new house (well, all of the ones that will be under construction in the next few months at least).

When I’m out and about, I never have to wonder if something will match. I just pull out the room’s color palette and hold up the paint chip. Fabulous, right? It’s been extra-helpful in the kids room, with it’s tricky red-orange accent color.

Is there anything life changing in your purse (or your makeup bag, or some drawer in your house)? I’m totally a sucker for this info- do tell!

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