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I think I’ve probably mentioned the stark contrast in Burke’s and Piper Jane’s personalities before- he is mellow, and sweet, and even, and pretty darn easy. She is… well, not easy. The girl makes me laugh like I can’t describe, but also is going to be the death of me. High highs and low lows, that one. I was sharing my Piper-Jane-Exasperation with my mama earlier this week and she was (unsuccessfully) trying not to laugh. I am pretty sure she thinks I am getting what was coming to me- haha!

And even though she makes me want to pull my hair out, I am really trying to appreciate The Little Miss Priss in all her sassy glory. A few Piper Jane-y things that just delight my heart lately-


1. Mini pigtails. My sweet friend Lindsay inspired me to try them (her daughter, Harper, is the same age as Piper Jane and Lindsay always puts Harper’s hair in the cutest piggies) and I can’t get enough. When I see that little tiny head bobbing around, curly pigtails bouncing, I die.

2. Tiny Toms. They were a Christmas present from Nana. And that pop of yellow on the bottom? Adorable.

3. Painted fingernails. She is a girly girl, through and through. She loves purses, and lip gloss, and trying on my high heels. On Thursday, she saw this pink nail polish on my dresser and kept asking, “Pease? Pease?”ย  It’s Pompeii Purple (on of my all time fave’s)- the girl’s got a good eye.


4. Her sweet edge. Even though she has more than her fair share of sass, she has a cuddle-y, sweet, soft side as well. I love her snuggles and sweetnesses more than I can tell you.

5. Her BFF. Burke is her favorite person in the world. She adores him. Maybe some of his gentle, mellowness will rub off on her?


Do any of you have kids with drastically different personalities? Do y’all have any tips for me as I try to navigate the choppy waters of being a mama to this little Sassafrass?

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  1. i have two drastically different children also.
    a boy and a girl also.
    the boy, a few days over five.
    the girl, a few months short of two.

    the difference is, my boy was the one that made me pull my hair out. as a baby, collicky, crying all the time, needing constant attention. as a toddler, stubborn, independent, reckless, bursting with energy. a terrible eater. a terrible sleeper.

    the girl. she was the easiest baby. never cried, very chill, a fairly good sleeper. as a toddler, so far, she’s great. she plays alone, sings to herself, sleeps like an angel, eats whatever i put in front of her. she sits and reads books. cuddles. snuggles.

    i am glad i had them in the order i did.
    i am able to appreciate the girl’s sweetness. and not let myself think it is my awesome parenting that has created such a good baby.
    i think if i’d had the easy one first (first of all, i wouldn’t have waited so long to go for #2), i would be at wit’s end when the “difficult” one came along.

    in encouraging news, the boy, now a “kid”, is a delightful little fellow and it might have all just been worth it after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sarah, I love this. My sister had her more challenging one first, and she always said it made the transition to two easy (well, easier). I, on the other hand, still feel like I haven’t found my rythm with two (Piper Jane is almost 18 months old!). I always tell me brother to pray that his hard(er) one comes first. Better prep for round 2. ๐Ÿ™‚
      And I love it that you get inspiration for your Sweet Daughter here. ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad you come by!

  2. As a mom of 3 and as a preschool teacher, I truly think that a little sass comes with every little girl! Other than that, I try to remind myself that stubbornness is also determination, sassy back talk is being unafraid to defend your position, refusing to eat green vegetables is being true to your own self, and fishing scraps out of the sewing room trash can for art projects will get you to Project Runway.

  3. i love this. can’t wait to meet miss piper and watch her and ian play. soon i hope. miss you guys. (and burke and the girls!)

    1. I can’t wait for that too!!!! What’s Ian like? Sass and spunk or mellow and reserved (or somewhere in between?)???
      MISS YOU!

  4. Hi! Very new to your page – and I have to say I LOVE the dresses your daughter is wearing in these pictures. I’m trying to navigate through your site to see if you made them and if it’s blogged about somewhere. I gotta have those dresses! They’re so simple but yet so great! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Kristy! Thanks and welcome- we love to *meet* new friends! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And yes, I made the dresses. One of them is the Cottage Mama’s Shortcake Reversible dress pattern. There are more pictures (and a link to the pattern) here-
      The other dress is made using the instructions from my friend Kimiko. I blogged about it originally here-, but, sad to say, there isn’t a pattern available.
      Hope that helps!

  5. why do people say that boys are so hard, so difficult? So many of the little boys i know are chill and mellow. i have 2 girls- they just turned 7 and 4. Between the 2 of them, every day is a struggle, and i dont even spend most of the day with them!!! The 4 year old gives me the most trouble, but she also gives me the most compliments, the most hugs, and the most snuggles. I love them both so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have a feeling that my Johannah would be fast friends with Piper Jane. I’ve often said that while she is a precious snuggle bunny, Girlfriend has attitude to spare. Just this week, she’s started looking at us sideways, and I swear she rolled her eyes at me the other day. I have NO idea where she gets that from. Ahem.

    1. Hahaha! Piper Jane makes the sideways glares too. AND rolls her eyes at us. They’d be a force of nature together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kirstin, I love this post. Piper Jane sounds very much like our Hannah. Most of the time, she is a happy, vibrant, fun-to-be-around kind of girl. But when she doesn’t want to do something or doesn’t like something we say, WATCH OUT! We like to think of her as determined rather than stubborn. It’s hard right now because she’s two, but I’m hoping that someday this will serve her well and she’ll be her own person and won’t feel like she needs to do something just because everyone else is doing it. I think the sass and attitude just comes with the territory. Jonah is much more compliant and mellow than Hannah. He has his own struggles, of course, but these two could not be more different! We are still trying to figure out the best way to parent each of them. Too bad kids don’t come with an instruction manual!

  8. I love the pigtails and the toms! And I love love love hearing about your (both of y’alls) kids! So sweet. And a little sass is a good thing right? I’m afraid I’m getting what I gave too… ugh.

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