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A glimpse of our week:

inviting– so many celebrations, so many invitations

printing- love the skull and crossbones- I think I might make it a standard option in the shop

handmaking– I think this gift-a-week challenge at the boy trifecta is sheer genius. Just one handmade present a week until Christmas- doesn’t that sound doable? This week, I started with this ‘kimiko dress’ (I’m calling it that because it was designed by my friend kimiko- y’all have heard about her because she makes darling booties and shares our passion for fabulous parties! Anyhow, isn’t the dress fantastic? I’m trying to convince her to make and sell the pattern for it!).


designing– holiday photo cards

reaaranging– our lovely friend heidi (love. this. girl.) is helping us make the kojoblog layout more functional- yay!

candy caning– a whole set of cousin coordinated, monogrammed, stripey goodness (I’ll have to get a picture of the rest of the shirts for y’all- the ones I made for the girls have pink striped monograms!)

partying– can’t wait to show you some of the details from last night’s shindig!

If you could describe your week in an -ING or two, what would you say?

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  1. i love this post! that monogram B pocket is the cutest! 🙂

    my week in "-ing"s would be working, traveling, and partying! 🙂

  2. Double check all of your names on the pear invitation. The mama and the person registered at babies r us are not the same person.

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