DIY photoshoot backdrop and props… and heart bokeh!

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So my favorite photog (and best friend) up and moved her family across the ocean. But I still needed photos for this year’s Valentines! See, I love this holiday, and the chance to send little messages o’ love (you can see last year’s here… and the year before that’s here). And thus the need for a DIY, at home photo shoot.

After assembling (and making) some photoshoot-esque goodies, I got right to work. Taking pictures of these Smooches is no easy feat (those of you who do this for a living- hats off to you!).

We needed treats…

…and balloons…

…and props (I made the wooden backdrop and painted the chair… oh, and I made Piper Jane’s dress- details on all of those projects to come!)…

My favorite part of this entire photoshoot, though, was the heart-shaped bokeh in the background (those fuzzy Christmas-light-hearts). Did you know you can make bokeh into any shape you please? Yep! And it’s super easy- I can’t wait to show you how!

And even though I am 100% certain that these photos would be better if Jordan had been around for a photo shoot, we got enough acceptable shots in our DIY photoshoot for a fabulous photo Valentine. 🙂 Happy Valentines Day, friends (a day early)!

Tell me- do you love this day (or hate it?)? Do you make valentines? Did you know that we do lovey bundles (like stockings, but for Valentines Day) around here? Best. tradition. ever. Well, after the dessert-for-breakfast that we’re adding in this year- haha! What are the Valentines Day traditions at your house?

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