easy valentine date art


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I love pinterest. Really, isn’t it just brilliant? I am sure you have seen the fabulous date-art floating around (see some of our ‘pin-spirations’ above… some are people’s DIY projects and some are from fabulous etsy shops). I love the idea and now is the perfect time to make one for someone special.

To make one for the love-of-your life, just find some fun fonts, add dates in chronological order and write a description of why the day is important. Then just  print and frame!   I included the day we met, the day we were married and our kids birthdays, but you could add other dates as well. Other ideas for important dates are: day you got engaged, days you both graduated, day you moved, day you bought a house, day you realized you were in love, day you bought a pet… See? You don’t have to have a brood of little ones to make it special.

Super simple + meaningful + inexpensive. Love that trio!

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  1. Jord, this is such a GREAT valentine. I didn’t know the first date….. but I did know the others without reading the fine print.

  2. I just made one last-ditch stop at Target’s V-Day card section and left empty-handed feeling certain I could surely make something–anything–that would be more personal than what I found there. You’ve supplied the inspiration I lacked! Love this idea and will simply turn it into a card rather than wall art. (Plus it will save me approximately $4!)

  3. I love this so cute! I also love that your daughters name Evie Kate! I have an Evie Anne born in 2007 and a Kate Elizabeth born in 2011! Cute gift Idea too for friends who have adopted to help tell the story!

    1. The number font is either Bodoni MT or Bodoni MT Black and they put some type of special effect to make it look worn because when you type it, it doesn’t have the worn look but it is the same shape.
      The word font is Copperplate Gothic.

      1. The font for the dates is actually called “Past Due” and the font for the description is called “Ultima” and I downloaded both of them from a free font website…I believe from dafont.com. Sorry for the late response…our internet has been out for weeks! Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. Hello!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, I am trying to make it but how did you get the description to align with the dates? Did you make them as WordArt?

    1. Hey Kimberly- I made them in photoshop. But you could do something similar in Powerpoint or Word and use WordArt for the wording.

  5. Hi Kirstin, great work. I’m really interested in doing this for Melissa this year, but I don’t have enough experience with photoshop to make it look as good as yours.

    I do have enough experience to do some basic editing, though. Can you upload the PSD file somewhere or can you give me some tips on how to recreate what you’ve done?

    I have downloaded and installed the fonts, but I don’t know how to do the grading/shading.

    I’ve purchased an 11×14 frame that should be here in a few days.

    The file I’ve created with photoshop is very large if I try to make it 11×14. How large did you create yours?

    Maybe you could email your template? I only have a few days left! 🙂


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