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Interestingly, we seem to have quite the thing for Curious George around here (if you remember, Piper Jane and Burke were George and the Man with the Yellow Hat for Halloween). That’s funny because every time I read Curious George I feel like he’s so naughty and not adequately reprimanded for his naughtiness- haha. Regardless of the untamed naughtiness, Curious George is a super fun shower (or party) theme!

A few projects to add to your shower decor list-

The Man with the Yellow Hat Toppers and Ties

Book Page Cupcake Wrappers

Book Page Buntings

Book Page Dot Garlands

Pom poms

To make the Yellow Hat Toppers– Wrap a yellow cup with electrical tape or brown vinyl (we couldn’t find any electrical tape). I had to make several slits for it to sit right. Cut an “x” in the middle of a yellow plate. Tape the cup in place over the “x” using packing tape (put a little on the inside of each side of the cup). Slide the top of your apothecary jar or cake dome through the “x” cut.

To make the Man with the Yellow Hat Ties– Cut a skinny tie shape from yellow fabric. Leave a tab of fabric at the top (you’ll need it in a minute). Draw little black ovals on the tie with a Sharpie. Tape the extra tab down around a length of ribbon. Use the ribbon to adhere to your jar (I also taped the tie itself to the jar just to ensure it’d stay put).

To make the Book Page Cupcake Toppers– Print out a cupcake topper to use as a template (do a google search to find one). Trace it onto the book page (I tried to position it onto a space that included Curious George and some other fun illustrations instead of over the text). Cut out the wrapper and tape together. Use to accent a perfectly yummy red velvet cupcake (made healthier with Dana’s trick, sprinkled using this perfect sprinkles technique).

A few other tutorials that’ll be helpful to you-

Book Page Bunting tutorial

Book Page Dot Garland how to

How to make pom poms

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  1. I would LOVE the Kite and Elephant Party Package – my husband’s birthday will take place soon, and since we are basically poor and only get access to internet downloads, printing a couple of nice things for his party would be perfect – and we both love elephants!

  2. i know this is kind of jumping the gun, but i LOVE the christmas green & red ornaments party package. i have been looking for an excuse for a cookie exchange and/or wrapping party and this might seal the deal for me.

  3. I love thr circus pack for a boy’s birthday. We are thinking of doing that as a theme for my son’s birthday since the circus will be in town the week of his birthday!

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