how to make teeny tiny pigtail bows

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Thanks for all of the Little Piggie love, y’all (I have to admit, I am just about smitten as well), and for the Sew-vivor votes (I made it through to Round 2- Wednesday is the big reveal)!

Today, I thought I’d share the tutorial for the little teeny bows. They are very much based on Disney’s fabulous felt bows, but I thought I’d show you how to make the fabric ones as well.

1. Cut out two rectangles of fabric. Round the corners. Fold down two of the short edges, making finished edges. Sew around the perimeter of the two long edges and the not-folded over short edge. Leave the folded over edge open.

2. Turn the rectangle right side in.

3. Pin the folded over edges in place.

4. Top stitch around the entire rectangle, sewing the rectangle closed Follow the round of the corners.

5. Cut a couple inch piece of ribbon or bias tape.

6. Pleat the rectangle with your fingers…

7. …add a small rubber band onto the ribbon…

8. … hot glue the ribbon/bias tape back to itself, securing the bow in place and leaving the rubber band accessible to slip over teeny piggies.

Adorable, no? I mentioned this already, but I can’t wait to make a whole rainbow of these little gems for the Little Miss Priss and her growing pigtails!

Stay tuned- I am hoping to have the pleated dress tutorial up tomorrow.

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  1. have you tried hot gluing the bow to an alligator clip (covered in coordinating ribbon of course)? i am semi obsessed with making them for my daughter and niece. i will definitely be adding your bows to a few. so far, i’m only playing with ribbon.

  2. I’ve made bows and attached them to clips before, but that is a neat alternative to use the stretchy bands! I just wonder if they would get all wonky after being stretched a few times. Maybe not if I used sturdier bands. Thanks for the idea!

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