fox themed baby shower


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foxy mama baby showerWhat better way to celebrate a gorgeous Mama-to-be (who happens to also be one of your closest friends) than a Foxy Mama Baby Shower?

And these modern graphic foxes paired with rustic woodsy cake stands and color blocked pine cones made such a great combination!


This lunch menu was light, simple, and quite the crowd pleaser. We had a salad bar with all sorts of salad toppers (craisins, candied walnuts, crumbled bacon, croutons, feta, pinenuts, avocados, and an array of other veggies).

To accompany the salad, there was fresh bread, crustless chicken salad sandwiches and fruit (tons of oranges and tangerines to match the orange-and-sky-blue shower palette).

foxy mama baby showerAs for treats, there were pumpkin spice almonds, giant lollipops, white and orange meringues, orange and blueberry jelly beans, and the ohmygoodness best-ever orange cookies with orange zest frosting.



A Bellini Bar offered a variety of peach-y goodness- we served traditional peach bellinis, strawberry peach bellinis, and blackberry peach bellinis. I used peaches that my mom froze from her peach tree last summer to make all of the mixes and, wow! I like bellinis in general (I love peaches), but these get their own category of extra delicious. I’ll have to dig up the recipes to share.


We also had Clementine Izzes and bottled water (both with “Foxy Mama” bottle wraps).


Little foxes are fairly easy to round up right now- we had little silver foxes hanging in a row above the treats, fox mugs holding flowers, and a silver fox adorning the gilded pinecone wreath on the door.

We also had several other ‘woodsy’ décor elements- garlands of paint dipped pinecones, a metallic gilded pinecone wreath, faux bois wrapping paper, tree trunk cake stands, and ceramic acorn-shaped treat bowls,

There was also a canvas that read “Foxy” in pixels…

a “foxy” banner above the dessert table…

…and a banner with fox faces- lots of foxy foxes for this Foxy Mama shower.


The awesome fox graphic (made by Jordan) was used for all of the signage.


Lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works in the shower palette were tied up with fox labels as favors. As a side note, I should remember to do spa themed favors more often- all of the favors were snapped right up.


All of the shower guests brought their favorite pampering product for the mama-to-be for the “Stay Foxy Basket.” The basket was filled with lip gloss, face lotion, my favorite eye roller, a candle, monogrammed notecards, Burt’s Bees chapstick and other pampering goodies.


This shower was so much fun to put together, such a celebration of our sweet friend- though, I wish I’d remembered to take a picture of the Foxy Mama herself!

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