DIY chalkboard lettering (aka- fake calligraphy)


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chalkboard lettering like a pro- how to DIY amazing chalkboard signsI wish I had beautiful handwriting, but I don’t. In fact, someday my terrible handwriting is going to warrant a calligraphy class!

DIY chalkboard letteringIn the meantime, though, I found this amazing DIY chalkboard lettering tutorial and, I have to tell you guys, I feel like I discovered some secret stash of gems or something.

perfect DIY chalkboard letteringThe process is so easy- and the chalkboard lettering comes out looking so fabulously amazing. For someone with terrible handwriting, this is Big! News!

perfect chalkboard lettering how-toI did things differently than Emily (mostly because we just got a new printer and I couldn’t figure out how to print mirror images), but the totally genius chalked-paper idea is totally hers.

DIY chalkboard letteringYou just print out your sign in the fonts you want (I chose several outlined words because I didn’t have much time and that seemed easiest). Then, you rub chalk all over the backside of your printed signs. Then you trace your sign with a pen. The chalk from the back makes a faint outline on the chalkboard. Trace the faint outline with a chalk pen (regular chalk would work too- I just needed this to stay put, so I opted for a chalk pen).

DIY chalkboard letteringAnd thereyouhaveit- gorgeous lettering for the rest of us- perfect for Sangria Bar drink stations, Ice Cream parties and beyond.

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    1. Me too! I can’t make them without help though (until this handy trick, which is still help, really). ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. forgive me if you’ve posted this a zillion times, but the fringe backdrop? LOVE. how’d you make it?

    1. Hey Peggy, I got my chalk pens on amazon (I got a variety pack that had different thicknesses or mm). And, yep, you can write directly on the chalkboard with the chalk pen. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hope that helps!

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