summer fun- lemonade bar drink station

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lemonade bar drink stationSummer’s perfect party- the backyard barbeque- is made just a bit sweeter with a Lemonade Bar drink station.

lemonade bar drink stationAnd this buffet of tangy refreshment is not only perfect for summer parties and barbeques, the yellow goodness is also perfect for Color Your Summer.

lemonade bar drink buffetA lineup of flavored limeades (strawberry rhubarb lemonade, blueberry basil lemonade, rosemary lemonade and iced tea)…

lemonade bar drink station mix-ins…plus baskets of mix-ins (mostly berries and peaches)…

lemonade bar drink buffet…and you have quite the lineup of yummy drink combinations!

Be sure to stop by Delia Creates today for more colorful, summer-y goodness.

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