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how to put together a mimosa bar drink stationI love trying new food and drink stations at parties and showers, so it is a rare occasion when one makes a reappearance. But a Mimosa Bar is just such a timeless, one-size-fits-all crowd pleaser. When we were putting together a Baby Sprinkle for a dear friend a couple of weekends ago, nothing else fit the bill quite as well… so a Mimosa Station Round 2 it was.

the well equipped mimosa station (must try this!)mimosa bar directionsHere’s the thing- there is nary an occasion when a Mimosa Station wouldn’t be well received. I (obviously) think they work well at baby showers. But don’t stop there. Bridal shower or bridal luncheon? Absolutely. Sunday brunch? Check. Thanksgiving? Still trying to figure out if I can work one in this Thursday.

mimosa bar how to

mimosa bar drink stationChristmas morning? YES, 100 times yes!

ingredients for a merry mimosa barChampagne (or cider) is just so festive. Add a little juice and some fruit and herbs and a Mimosa Bar ensures that there is the perfect drink for each and every guest.

'Ingredients for a Merry Mimosa Bar' (how to put together a Mimosa Station)I already wrote a whole post about how to set up a Mimosa Bar (including a shopping list!), but I thought I’d condense the info into a handy graphic. Champagne and cider + juice + fruit + decor + festive glasses + labels = one merry mimosa bar!


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