how to make a colored chalkboard

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how ot make a mint colored (or any colored) chalkboard

Oh how I love colored chalkboards friends. And I love the color mint. Ooooh, and gold frames. This mint chalkboard is the result of those three loves.

sangria bar party station Best of all, it was easy enough to make that I now have plans for a whole rainbow of colored chalkboards.

how to make colored chalkboard paintTo make one, just collect an old painting with an awesome vintage frame. Then mix together 1 cup any color paint (I’m partial to mint) and 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout. Mix well. Paint the back of the painting with your paint-and-grout mixture. Flip the painting around so that the chalkboard is facing forward.

mint chalkboard as sangria bar backdropThen use as the backdrop for a Sangria Drink Station

ice cream party flavor chalkboard…or an Ice Cream party… or just add a favorite quote and use as decor in your home!

And if you don’t have the best handwriting, check out this how to for perfect chalkboard lettering for the handwriting impaired!

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