how to make sequined balloons (and prepping for 2014!)

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how to make sequined balloonsI might’ve mentioned this once or twice, but I really love this time of year! New Year’s in all its glittery, sparkle-y, fresh-chance, new-start glory is holiday perfection.

mimosa bar drink stationWhile perusing pictures of my favorite projects of the year, I noticed the sequined balloons that we made for the Mimosa Bar– wouldn’t they make a great addition to a New Year’s soiree?

how to make sequined balloonshow to make sequined balloonsTo make them, fill a balloon with helium. Hold upside down and cover a section of the bottom of the balloon with spray adhesive. Sprinkle sequins onto the sticky adhesive, working quickly so that the adhesive doesn’t dry. Repeat until all sections of the bottom are covered with sequins.

how to make sequined balloonshow to make sequined balloonsConsider your sparkle-y, festive New Year’s decor taken care of (well, actually, not quite done- I have another really fun idea glittery idea for you tomorrow)!

how to make sequined balloonsps- As with all good week-after-Christmases, my house (and specifically, my office/craft room) is currently turned upside down in a tornado of organizational madness. I am seriously so excited for the changes- a craft room/guest room redo and a new-and-improved Party Closet. I’ll share details on here when it’s less, well, tornado-ish.

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