DIY decor for a Lego themed birthday party

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DIY Lego Party Decor IdeasThere are just so many great DIY decor ideas for a Lego Birthday Party! A few of my favorites (and ones that I tried for Burke’s Lego Party)-

Lego filled balloonsLego filled balloons– Easy and fabulous, all you need is a pack of clear balloons, a small handful of tiny Legos and some helium. Instant fun.

Lego birthday party decor ideas- Lego head paper lanternsLego head paper lanterns– A pack of yellow honeycomb lanterns, trimmed into Lego mini figure ‘heads’ is the perfect installment above a food table (or favor table! or treat table!).

lego party decorJars of Legos– The little guest of honor can help separate Legos by color to fill glass jars and vases to use as part of the decor. Both easy and free- win-win!

Lego birthday party- layered Legos in a gum ball machine as decorLayered Legos- Same idea, but in a gum ball machine.

Lego birthday party- Lego cake topper made out of real LegosLego number cake topper– A custom “6” cake topper made out of, you guessed it, Legos!

Lego birthday party garlandLego brick garlands– Just by snapping Lego bricks together around a length of ribbon, the easiest ever Lego garland comes together!

To sum up- if you have a pile of Legos, there are all sorts of DIY party decor ideas just waiting to be tried out!

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