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Hello there friends! I am FINALLY sitting down to play catch up on all of the things- blog things, etsy things, email (UGH!). Turns out, an unplanned month long hiatus from the internet (when you work online) results in quite the backlog- haha.

Thank you for your notes, your care, and especially your prayers over this last month… they mean the world to me! I wish that we could chat over a Diet Coke (or a cup of coffee, as seems to be more seasonally appropriate), but since geography is working against us, a little online catchup seems to be the next best thing.

A not-that-brief list of updates-

typhoon soudelor aftermath-Saipan is still in rough shape. There are still so many people living in tents or makeshift huts. Limited power and water have returned to portions of the island, but consistent access to either is still rare. Adam is staying at the hospital currently (on a blowup mattress in his office), so he is one of the lucky few to have access to a shower and a working refrigerator. Finding things to put in that refrigerator is quite the task, however- meat and produce are especially scarce (the kids and I just sent four boxes of supplies for Adam and others- and I’m already working on more care packages!). Please continue to pray for the rebuilding efforts- it is just a long, slow process and there is still such need.

saipan home repairs-There are contractors working on our house! Woohoo! Right now it looks a bit… mmmm…. open. And scraped (they had to scrape a bunch of the plaster off the walls after the flooding). But we are overjoyed that there is work being done. We still don’t have a set return date, but are hoping for beginning of November.

first day of school-The kids started school this week here in Idaho (where my parents and sister and her family live, and where the kids and I are living for now). They were/are really nervous about the entirely new, completely unexpected change in scenery and people. Burke seems to be settling in a little more easily than Piper, though change and new are both really difficult for him (ironic if you consider our life). If you think of it, I’d love prayers for them. Their little lives have just had such change and chaos and transition this last month. I am ever thankful that we know the Unchanging God, the unshakable foundation that “does not change like shifting shadows.”

-Biggest bonus of school here- my mom (“Lita”) teaches fifth grade down the hall. The kids think this is so very cool. And it reassures this anxious mama’s heart to have someone who loves them so much in such close proximity. Love.

idaho fall-It is fall here! And the very best-in-the-whole world kind of fall where you get to experience the glorious 70 degree weather and changing leaves and apple picking and boots and sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes BUT still know that you are heading back to the tropics before the situation gets dire and freezing (all of my fellow summer lovers are totally following here and the rest of you are completely lost). Though, I wish I could bottle some of this gorgeous fall for Adam (it’s his favorite season for sure!).

pumpkin patch-Living in the same town as my sister and her family is SO FUN! Cousins, y’all. There is seriously nothing better. Note to self- in our next move, arrange to be near family.

-Have any of you done a Jen Wilkin bible study? Or read Women of the Word? I am doing her Joshua study right now with Adam and we are both loving it so much (even though she teaches a women’s group, the material is just an in-depth study of the book of Joshua- Adam gives the ‘not just for girls’ stamp of approval).

-I have been drinking warm, comforting, fall-ish drinks like it is my job. We don’t have any occasions for warm drinks in Saipan, so I’m taking advantage while I’m here!

-Also, I’m trying to hit up Sonic’s happy hour daily. Diet coke with vanilla? As much as possible, please.

beautiful idaho-Idaho is beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

So that’s our life lately in a nutshell. In very exciting news, I think I might have an actual post or two up next week (I just can’t let the end of tomato season pass without sharing our cilantro-free salsa recipe! And my sister is hosting a Fall Wreath Making Night this weekend, so maybe I’ll even to get to share those wreaths or our yummy drink station!). This solo parenting thing is just about burying me, though, y’all, so we’ll see. Thanks again to those who have checked in via social media, comments, or email. I just adore you guys!

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  1. Wow, just a little going on, huh? And I thought we were crazy right now! Hugs, dear friend! I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot. Praying your family is reunited soon (and the little ones hang in there!)

    And cilantro-free salsa?! Be still my heart! Now I know we are best friends! 😉

  2. I know I haven’t checked in with you in FOREVER but I wanted to let you know that we have continued to pray for you. Is there anything we can do to help out with the care packages? We would love to be able to contribute in some way, shape or form. I am so glad that the kids have their grandma close by as they adjust to school. Take care now!

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