reclaiming “fun mom”

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Even in the tired and the weary, I am reclaiming Fun Mom this week (10 things I am trying)Oh life. With your never ending stream of next-meals that must be made (or procured for takeout) and your constant entropy of clean places and your multiplication of all of the tasks. You wear me out.

Add in my sweet children and their unique capacity to both amplify and fast forward the process of exhaustion twenty fold (and no Adam!) and I mostly just want to crawl in bed at 6:30. Digging out “fun mom” in this season seems an especially daunting task.

But here’s the thing, there has never yet been a season where I thought, “wow, I have zero demands and tons of sleep and extra time and energy.” And I only get to do this season once. Regardless of the extra demands of right now (slash the craziness of always), I will never get another chance to come back, less worn out and weary, and do any of these mom seasons again.

And while I have Lamentations 2:22-23 on repeat in my head (“His grace is new every morning, His grace is new every morning,”) I am also all about the attempt- attempting to take every chance (or even just more of the chances), to play, to hang out with, to surprise, and to connect with these Smooches of mine.

Even in the weariness and tiredness of today.

10 ideas for reclaiming fun mom this week

So here they are- ten things I am trying this week to reclaim Fun Mom

1- Reading with them

2- Taking an extra 10 minutes during our errands to go to a part of the store they want to see (“The Lego section at Target? Sure, tell me all about why this Minecraft Lego set is absolutely amazing“).

3- Listening with them to their playlists on Spotify (regardless of how not fun the Frozen soundtrack seems)

4- Spending some time outside together (soccer? a walk? a lake beach?)

5- Snuggling with them when I wake them up (this is especially important for she-who-shall-not-be-named. Mornings are hard. I get it.)

6- Mini dance parties to aforementioned Spotify playlists (not just playing DJ- haha!)

7- Spending 15 minutes of one on one time with each of them sometime this week

8- Grabbing Sonic Happy Hour with them (umm, while we have access to Sonic for the next little bit, I’m trying to take advantage!)

9- Praying with them before bed

10- Heading to a park one day after school

Want to join me? Any other ideas for reclaiming Fun Mom this week?

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  1. You’re not just fun mom, you’re Awesome Mom! I love that your list is do-able for a tired, solo mama, but also chock full of meaningful connections for your kids. Well done and and inspiration for us all!

    1. What sweet words Beth! And yes, going for do-able (something is better than nothing, right?). Also, LOVED your “spirit city.” Oh my goodness, it is fantastic! It reminded me of Denver on so many counts. My kids LOVED it, and I LOVED it and we were so sad that Adam wasn’t there (he loves fun food and it is essentially a city of good food). I guess just reason to plan another trip, right??? Thanks for the suggestions- we loved every one that we tried!

  2. good list! how about: blowing bubbles, riding bikes/scooters, making a Fall craft, learning how to tell time, drawing/coloring a picture together and mailing it in the mail box, making a green smoothie together 🙂

    1. Such great ideas Crystal! My kids LOVE making smoothies, so maybe I’ll add that one to this week’s list, but all of the suggestions are so great- will definitely be using these!

  3. Thank you for the reminder and for the very attainable activities. As I strive to do my best in my first year as a kindergarten teacher, and a working mom I feel so tired and worn out and disappointing. I need to remember that it’s the little things!

    1. Katie, solidarity sister! First year teaching is NO JOKE- grace, grace and more grace my friend. And YES- little things are where it’s at. 😉

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