DIY christmas stockings (easiest ever!)

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easiest ever DIY stockingsSince we didn’t bring any Christmas stuff with us to Saipan, last year I whipped up a batch of easiest-ever stockings. I think you could even make these if you were an extra-beginner sewist- they are that easy.

easiest ever DIY stockingsThe hem of the drop cloth is the secret ingredient to these stockings- making the perfect top edge sans hemming. After tracing of an existing stocking (leaving a perimeter all the way around), a little cutting, the teensiest bit of sewing around the perimeter, and some turning right side in equaled four stockings in no time.

easiest ever DIY stockingsNote, if you try this, pay attention to the direction of the hem. If you want your top edge to fold over, you’ll put the hems with the wrong sides facing each other (which is backward of ‘normal sewing’). If you want the top edge without any folding, sew together with the right sides facing in like normal.
easiest ever DIY stockingsY’all, I have made stockings before (several times actually) and I can’t believe how much easier it is to skip the step of hemming the top edge! Wow!

easiest ever DIY stockingsI added leather triangle ‘trees’ to ours with fabric glue, but these are pretty much a blank canvas for whatever decorations or style your little heart desires. Other ideas? Stamp them with polka dots, embroider names on them, leave them plain, add felt decor… These are fabulously customizable.

easiest ever DIY stockingsHappy stocking making, friends!


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