how to make a balloon chandelier

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how to make a balloon chandelier

Can I just say that I love balloons? In a place where party supplies are hard to come by, and where humidity does a number on paper decorations, balloons are my go-to.

how to make a balloon chandelierAwhile back, we put together a mini birthday party kid’s table (so cute, and SO easy!). The watercolored bamboo silverware was a fun addition to the set up, but the balloon chandelier was the highlight for sure! We shared the tutorial on Today’s Creative Blog and figured it was time to share it here as well!

how to make a balloon chandelierEven better, it is so easy to make. To do so, blow up a bunch of balloons in your party palette. With a needle and embroidery thread, string the balloons onto the thread.

how to make a balloon chandelierPile the balloons closely together until your chandelier is full and complete.

how to make a balloon chandelierPair with a simple outdoor kid’s table and you have an insta-birthday party. Also, I have made approximately seventeen balloon chandeliers since this mini party. Like I said, balloons are my favorite.

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