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party theme ideas- 24 sprinkled with love party ideasRemember once upon a time when Piper Jane turned 2 and had a Sprinkle Party? Well, as you might imagine, that party theme is a little hard to top. So even though she loves Madeline, and glitter, and Frozen-and-mermaids-and-princesses (this year’s party theme ideas so far), every year we throw around the idea of having another Sprinkled with Love Party. If we did, these are all the sprinkle-y things we would include (hint- the treat table would be the main event… again)-

party theme ideas- 24 sprinkled with love party ideasThis sprinkle cake. Love.

This sprinkle wall is sprinkle party perfection (and also would make such a great photobooth backdrop).

Oh my sprinkles- these sprinkle covered bottles are fabulous.

Sprinkle party perfection .

party themes- 24 sprinkled with love party ideasAren’t these sprinkled photo props the best?

Besides cake- this sprinkled skillet cookie.

A sprinkled tablecloth. Love.

Of course, this sprinkle covered frame.

Desktop135My favorite sprinkled with love party. I’m a little partial, though.

Also, this sprinkle cake topper. Yep, worth a Round 2.

Sprinkle sandwich cookies. Love them.

Sprinkle popcorn. Yes please.

party themes- 24 sprinkled with love party ideasI love cake batter bark. And it is absolutely perfect for a sprinkle party.

These confetti filled balloons are great at all parties, but especially at sprinkle parties.

These sprinkled mini party hats are the best.

Sprinkled accessories as favors.

party themes- 24 sprinkled with love party ideasThis honeycomb garland is festive, fantastic and fabulously sprinkle-y.

How to make a sprinkle cake. Isn’t this great?

This paper mache garland is confetti-isn and perfectly sprinkled.

This line up of sprinkled treats is fantastic- what great ideas!

party themes- 24 sprinkled with love party ideasI love the way this cream cheese dip is covered in fruity pebbles- don’t they look like sprinkles?

Doesn’t this confetti garland look like it’d be right at home in a sprinkle party?

And more sprinkle covered favors and treats (again, worth a round 2).

sprinkle party printablesGood news- we’ve recently updated our sprinkle party printables to go along with this fabulous theme.

Ok, off to convince Piper that another Sprinkled with Love party is, in fact, a great idea. Happy party planning, friends!

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    1. It’s the best party theme I think! 😉 I’m not kidding when I say we might be having another sprinkle party this summer. Love it that you guys might have one too! 😉

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