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easter countdown (like an advent calendar, but for lent!)I think I mentioned how much I loved our family advent study a couple months ago. It was super simple, just reading one story each night from the Jesus Storybook Bible and hanging an advent ornament. But it was the first time I felt like our advent countdown has really helped us get our hearts ready for Christmas!

As the lenten season approaches, we are attempting to do something similar to get our hearts ready for Easter (there is a great “What is Lent?” post here in case you’re wanting a little background). And since pared down and simple worked so well for Christmas, we’re sticking with that plan again.

easter_countdownWe already made an Easter Countdown (ok, we dug out the garland from Piper’s Sparkle Party, made an EASTER garland, and strung some muslin bags on some twine and called it a day… like I said, I know myself, and simple is the name of the game if I want this Lent Study to actually happen around here).

easter countdown- a family lent celebrationTucked into each bag is a reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Conveniently, forty readings ends at the Easter story (what a great tip- I saw it here!). It is just about the least complex system ever, but since so many of you asked for our Christmas readings, I thought I’d share our Easter ones here as well (the printable easter countdown family lent plan is here if you’re doing a countdown).

Day 1- The Story and the Song (page 12)
Day 2- The beginning- a perfect home (page 18)
Day 3- The terrible lie (page 28)
Day 4- A new beginning (page 38)
Day 5- A giant staircase to heaven (page 48)
Day 6- Son of laughter (page 56)
Day 7- The present (page 62)
Day 8- The girl no one wanted (page 70)
Day 9- The forgiving prince (page 76)
Day 10- God to the rescue (page 84)
Day 11- God makes a way (page 92)
Day 12- Ten ways to be perfect (page 100)
Day 13- The warrior leader (page 108)
Day 14- The teeny weenie true king (page 116)
Day 15- The young hero and the horrible giant (page 122)
Day 16- The good shepherd (page 130)
Day 17- The little servant girl and the proud general (page 136)
Day 18- Operation no more tears (page 144)
Day 19- Daniel and the scary sleepover (page 152)
Day 20- God’s messenger (page 160)
Day 21- Get ready (page 170)
Day 22- He’s here! (page 176)
Day 23- The light of the whole world (page 184)
Day 24- The kings of all kings (page 192)
Day 25- Heaven breaks through (page 200)
Day 26- Let’s go! (page 208)
Day 27- A little girl and a poor frail lady (page 214)
Day 28- How to pray (page 222)
Day 29- The singer (page 228)
Day 30- The captain of the storm (page 236)
Day 31- Filled full (page 244)
Day 32- Treasure hunt! (page 250)
Day 33- The friend of little children (page 256)
Day 34- The man who didn’t have any friends (none) (page 264)
Day 35- Running away (page 272)
Day 36- Washed with tears (page 280)
Day 37- The servant king (page 286)
Day 38- A dark night in the garden (page 294)
Day 39- The sun stops shining (page 302)
Day 40- God’s wonderful surprise (page 310)
Adam and I have also been thinking of questions we can ask to pair with the stories, just to help start conversations (and to have a chance to reflect ourselves). I’ll let you know how it goes!

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