psalm 126:3 nursery decor

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psalm 126 nursery decor garlandOur time in Saipan was C-R-A-Z-Y- and not just because of the roller coaster that is adoption, nor the two adoptions that fell through before Bohden. There were several typhoons while were there, including the one that plowed through the center of our little island, destroying our house and everything else in its path. And also, we were living on a tiny speck of island in the Pacific, far from our people and everything familiar. Truly, that season teemed with the wildest mix of good and hard.

Sometime near the beginning our time there, when we’d started doing foster care and wondered if perhaps adoption from Saipan was in the cards for us, we memorized Psalm 126:3 as a family “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.”

psalm 126 nursery decor garlandThat verse has become an anchor for us, a true thing to tell our hearts when everything feels tangled and twisted. God IS good. He has done good things for us. In the things that look neat and tidy, in the things that take quite a different path than we expected, even in (especially in) the things that break our hearts in half. God is near and He is good.

psalm 126 garland (nursery decor)Honestly, when I made this Psalm 126:3 banner, I thought there was going to be a baby girl in that crib. Actually, I was sobbing at the base of that crib when I received word that it wasn’t going to be a baby girl after all. And then, months later, I cried so very many happy tears watching a baby boy sleep below that garland. Both aside from and in the middle of our circumstances, God was so so very good to us in Saipan. He grew us and changed us in ways I didn’t even think to pray for. And, truly, we are filled with joy at what He has done.

psalm 126 nursery decor garlandThe garland was super easy to make- I picked up some alphabet boat stickers at Home Depot in Guam (haha), cut little rectangle cardstock ‘mounts’ for each letter with enough room for punched holes at the top and for the letters, added letters to each cardstock mount, spelled out each word for my verse and then strung the verse onto baker’s twine.

psalm 126 nursery decor garlandI have a feeling more of these verse garlands are in our future (they’re so simple to make, but leave such visual impact). However, this specific Psalm 126:3 garland has a special spot in my heart and made the trek with us back from Saipan. It’s currently hanging in my office, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up in Bohden’s new nursery when I finally start putting that room together.

*See the rest of Bohden’s Saipan nursery nook here.

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  1. Hi. I stumbled across your blog by accident- I am moving to Saipan this summer. My daughter is adopted and we are looking to adopt again – how easy was it to foster/adopt while in Saipan? Did you need to live there for a year before you could apply to foster? I’d love any information that you have/are willing to share. Thanks!

    1. Hi LeaAnne! So glad you found me. I have so many questions- I will just send you an email. Also, LOVE saipan so much (and still miss it all the time)! So excited that you’ll be there soon!

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