DIY wooden mountains

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easy DIY wooden mountainsI pulled these DIY wooden mountains down from Bohden’s nursery to use as décor for his bear birthday party. And then we used them for a sweet friend’s mountain-y bridal shower. And then we put them up as décor on the mantel for a Woodlands-y baby shower.

easy DIY wooden mountainsAt all three of these parties, people kept picking these mountains up and looking at the way we made them and noting how great they’d be for everyfriendtheyknow that loves Colorado/mountains. And they’re right!

easy DIY wooden mountainsEven better- these mountains were so very easy to make. Adam grabbed some leftover plywood and cut three heights of triangles (11” tall for the big mountains, 8” tall for the medium mountains, and 5” tall for the little mountains). The triangles don’t have to be especially perfect- in fact the set looks better if they aren’t (though, if I were just giving one single mountain to a friend, I’d probably lean toward equilateral-ish triangle sides).

easy DIY wooden mountainsAfter the wooden triangles were cut and the edges sanded, I freehand painted a white ‘snowline’ at the top of each and then filled in the ‘snowcap’ with white paint (you can wrap the white paint around the wooden edges like I did, or just leave the paint on the face of the ‘mountain’).

easy DIY wooden mountainsI made a whole pile of these wooden mountains for Bohden’s room (which has been convenient for party décor), but you could easily just make one for a friend as a nod to their mountain-love. Wouldn’t these make a great Christmas (or birthday) gift for a mountain-loving friend???

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