christmas gift wrap idea- picture wrap!


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Christmas gift wrap idea- PICTURE PRESENTS!I’ve mentioned in the past that we had a ton of Christmas Eve traditions growing up, and we are trying to continue most of them with our little family. Which means Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve!
Christmas gift wrap idea- PICTURE PRESENTS!This year, I made personalized gift wrap for the kiddos and thought I’d pass the idea along.

Christmas gift wrap idea- PICTURE PRESENTS!To create these, I made files with rows of the same picture for each kiddo (in Photoshop, but you might be able to do it in Word if you make the page dimensions as big as an engineer print). Then I had each file made into a color engineer print (they’re only $3 for the 18 x 24 size at Staples!).

Christmas gift wrap idea- PICTURE PRESENTS!They are seriously over the moon about having their pictures splashed all over a present (seriously, I didn’t expect this level of excitement!). Such an easy, fun way to personalize their gifts!

Blog world usually slows a ton for the last couple weeks of the year, so unless I pop in again with something last minute, Merry Christmas, friends! See you in 2018!

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