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(A Father’s Day gift basket filled with gift-for-guys ideas)

I am a huge ‘gift person’ (I LOVE LOVE LOVE putting together gifts!), but I will be the first to admit that I am often stumped when it comes to gifts for Adam, my dad, my brother and my brother-in-laws. Gifts for guys are just tricky!

Judging from the success of our “Gifts for Guys” series (years ago- maybe we should do it again this year!), I am not the only one who has trouble coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas, guy birthday gift ideas, Christmas-for-guys gift ideas, etc.

This year the kids and I put together a Father’s Day Gift Basket and it made the guy-gifting SO MUCH EASIER. (Maybe it’s easier to find small gifts and assemble a gift basket than to find a bigger Father’s Day gift? I can’t quite put my finger on why this feels so much easier, but this gift basket came together like a cinch!)

Several of the gift basket items are tried and true favorites of Adam’s (the dark chocolate, the Sneaker cleaning kit [it’s a refill], and the This Works sleep roll-on and pillow spray), a couple of the items are homemade (grill rubs and frozen cookie dough), the Foundations book and the rum were both recommendations from friends (Stolen rum is made in NZ), and the Tulum candle is a little nod to one of our favorite vacay spots.

I actually figured out (as I assembled this gift basket) that I have a pretty standard gift basket formula (maybe that’s why this seemed so much easier than usual Father’s Day gift wrangling?)- I need to put together a gift-basket-formula post!

Hopefully this gives y’all ideas for a Father’s Day gift basket of your own (and makes acquiring a little pile of presents a little easier as well). Happy Gifts-for-Guys-ing, friends!

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