a rustic fall wedding

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Want to know the recipe for a memorable wedding? Be yourselves! We had the chance to go to a rustic Colorado wedding a couple weeks ago and it was beautifully detailed and reflected the bride and groom perfectly!


Props to Chrissy and Kedran for all the wedding decor! You girls are so creative!

EDITED TO ADD: Jordi would never write this about herself- but aren’t the pictures she took of the wedding AMAZING? She has such an eye for detail! Wonderful!

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  1. So gorgeous, co cute and so fun. I think with the economy you are going to see weddings really changing and people being more creative and thrifty.


  2. I love your Pictures! Great details. I think this is what my wedding will look like due to my hunny being a true texas man wearing cowboy boots and his hat everywhere! I think I may even wear a white pair of boots myself. Love the idea of this wedding.

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