kojotutorial: ruffle-y felt-y drawstring glasses case

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I mentioned that the grand month of September is home to our mama’s birthday. And what’s a birthday without a handmade gift, right?

Now my mom and I are similar in lots of ways: our passion for reading, our love of running, our affection for organizing. So this year (after seeing this terrific embroidered glasses case by wee folk art), I decided that a ruffle-y, felt-y glasses case might be just the ticket for holding my mama’s reading glasses.

Here are the simple directions to make one too:

You’ll need:
– one piece of felt or wool felt
-15 squares of 2″x2″ chiffon
-18″ of ribbon
-thread and sewing machine1. Make four chiffon ruffles using the ruffle tutorial by katiedid.2. Gather the ruffles into a ‘flower’ and stitch onto a circular piece of felt. Set aside.
3. Sew a ribbon casing across the top of the piece of felt.4. Sew around two edges of the felt (don’t sew up the ribbon casing or you won’t be able to put a ribbon through it), making a ‘drawstring bag.’5. Thread a ribbon through the ribbon casing.6. Hot glue the flower ruffle onto the glass case. Give your mama (or someone else) a fabulous, ruffle-y, handmade glasses case for her birthday.

Check out the creative geniuses of the world (and more DIY projects) at:

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  1. Very pretty! I certainly could use a glasses case…and that one would be lovelier than my boring old one…Hmmmm….I've got felt! And I'm learning how to sew! 🙂 (maybe I'll get the courage and try making one)

  2. That looks really cute—I wear glasses but only take them off if I am hiking and then I hang them somewhere on me!! Well, when going to bed I have them on my nightstand and have them so I can grab them quickly!! So no cases for me–it would be nice for someone that only wears reading glasses!

    nannykim at spindle cottage (my meta blog)

  3. Great case! I need to make something similar for a toddler eating mat. It must have static (though it's rubber) because it collects tons of dirt from life. Sometimes I think it is grosser than the table! Your case looks great.

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