kojotutorial: coffee table from a salvaged door and balusters

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I could spend hours wandering around the local architectural salvage warehouse, dreaming up new lives for shutters, doorknobs bearing floral motifs and intricately carved mantels. Last time we were there, we found a pantry door (and some salvaged balusters) perfect for the door-turned-coffee-table I’ve been hoping for.

To make such fabulousness yourself, you’ll need:

-a salvaged pantry door (mine is about 5 ft. long by 2.5 ft. wide)
-four salvaged balusters
-a can of spray paint for the door (aqua was my color of choice) and another can of spray paint for the balusters (black for me)
-eight “L” brackets and screws
-a miter saw (for leveling)
-sander and sandpaper (if necessary)

-some sort of skill with powertools (or, if you’re me, a talented husband)

1. Measure your balusters to make sure they’re exactly even… if not, use the mitersaw to cut to level.

2. Sand your door and balusters if necessary.

3. Paint both your door and your balusters (TIP: If you screw an eye hook into the end of the baluster and hang it, you can paint all four sides at the same time without having to wait for dry-time). Wait for everything to dry.

4. Turn the door over (to the side you aren’t wanting to be the top of your coffee table). Place balusters at least 1″ inside the frame of the door. Secure with two “L” brackets per baluster.

5. Stand upright and admire. Put in your living room and admire some more. Proceed to drag it outside everytime you have an outdoor affair because it is so darn cool. Actually, it’s pretty fabulous in the living room as well.

*ps- I know I told you awhile back that I was wanting to make a full-sized door into a coffee table. This isn’t it. When we found the perfect-for-a-coffee-table-size pantry door (which essentially eliminated a huge portion of the re-sizing and work), we decided to use it instead. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tut! I have a door that im wanting to do the same thing to just didnt realy know how to go about doing it.

  2. Cool idea!

    I especially LOVE your tip on how to paint the balusters. Hooks are now on my shopping list!


  3. Stunning! And I'm a big fan of the turquoise! What a great job you did … congrats for taking the plunge.

  4. Coincidence!! I saw a door at the curb today on my jog & stopped to stare at it, thinking it could be reborn, just not sure as what.
    Great job!

  5. Very creative. I've seen them made into headboards and have wanted to do that myself, but never a coffee table.

  6. I loved this blog, i must to say that i liked very much all the good new ideas introduced here. Simply catched my attention. I usually like to know about everything and i am fan of the good blogs.That is why i prefered to read this one.
    , the result is amazing!!!

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