playdough for party signs

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I picked up this bag of 25 mini-tubs of playdough for a couple dollars the day after Christmas last year, thinking that surely it’d come in handy at some point. I didn’t know it’d become a hostessing staple, but it has!

The mini tubs are perfect ‘stands’ for all of the signs that seem to be in the mix at all of our parties around here. Even better- they’re reusable. As long as you recover them at the end of the night (or even the next morning), the playdough doesn’t lose it’s elasticity or ability to hold popsicle stick signs upright.

What a terrific use of a couple dollars!

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  1. That is effin' brilliant. I just threw a party and make these cockamamie sign holders with styrofoam balls and foam core that did the job, but looked a little ticky-tacky. I'm so going this route next time – and I can dye the dough to match the decor. Sweet!

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