the well appointed hostess- part 2

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Recently, I gave you my list of party and shower hostessing basics. Most of that list centered around reusable, multi purpose pieces that can be used for almost any event.

While most of my party and shower basics (linens, platters, etc.) are in neutral colors and styles, I try to tie in the specific palette or pattern through accent pieces. These are the pieces I’m trying to collect in a range of colors and styles:

-table runners and table cloths- to be honest, many times, I pull out fabric from my collection and iron it into table runner/table cloth size. I’m also a sucker for the clearance section at target…

-ribbon- this can be tied on the serving and décor pieces to bring your colors into the decor and food presentation

-wrapping paper or patterned paper in the various colors- once this is used to make chandelier garlands, paper chains, drink, umbrellas, etc., you’ll start to collect a variety of reusable, easy to store décor in a mix of palettes

-solid colored gift bags- these are not very expensive, collapse until they’re flat, and can be used as a casing for vases full of flowers, a glass with flatware in it, etc.. plus, they add a pop of your palette to a party without much cost, work or taking up much closet space when you’re finished with them

-dessert plates- when I see dessert plates in terrific colors on sale, I pick them up… they don’t take up much space in my kitchen but can act as platters that tie in the party’s palette

-other plates/platters-we end up using the plates for dinner many nights… when I run into a fabulously patterned or colored plate/platter on sale, I often grab it… I’m sure y’all have seen my long lime green damask platter? that’s a great example of a supersale, not neutral terrific buy 🙂

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  1. I absolutly love you guys or should i say girls! I have been folowing yall for a week now and i love your blog and i cant wait for your next posts!

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